Welcome to Dynamic Virtual Office Management, Inc

Welcome to Dynamic Virtual Office Management, Inc

Let Dynamic Improve Your Business!


Need Help?

Are you missing potential business because you don’t have a consistent, reliable, and effective call answering solution?  Are your customers frustrated because they can’t reach you when they need you?  

Dynamic Virtual Office Management, Inc is the answering service solution that you’ve been looking for!  Our dedicated teams of trained professionals will qualify leads, schedule appointments, process orders, explain products and services, relay messages, and more.


Saving You Money!

Our mission is to ensure your customer communication is flawless.  We have a common-sense approach and affordable pricing.  We know every call is an opportunity and we help you acquire new customers by creating a great first impression.  When it comes to pricing, we’ll always do the smartest thing for your business – that means no long-term commitments and adjustable monthly plans that save you about 90% of the cost of hiring one person full-time. 


What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service hired to handle the daily operations of a business offsite.  The designated staff handling the routine tasks of the business are not employees of the business, but instead, they represent the face of your organization using innovative technology to provide customer service, support, schedule appointments and much more.  The administrative tasks provided by the virtual office are flexible based on your budget.


Why Choose Dynamic?

  • We are fanatical about quality.  We monitor the performance of every single call and have KPI's in place with our receptionists to drive quality.  We aim to answer all calls within 4 rings and achieve this in more than 90% of calls.
  • When comparing cost, one of the main things that you want to consider is where your calls are being answered from.  Several of our competitors use cheap overseas call centers as a way of offering cheaper rates.  This may cause a communication barrier between the receptionists and your customers, which ultimately leaves you with frustrated customers and will reflect in the reviews for the level of service provided to them.
  • We will not lock you into a long-term contract.  In fact, our service contracts are month-to-month and can be canceled with a thirty days notice.
  • Our systems have been written by professionals in the call center industry.  They enable us with the capability to provide you a customized solution for your business.


How Soon Can You Start?

When you sign up for a virtual office solution with Dynamic, we can have you operational within a few days depending on the complexity of your account set up.  We will have you complete a questionnaire that gives details about your business so that we can customize your services.   One of our specialized agents will review your account details before going live in order to ensure that we have the tools and resources necessary to handle your customers.  We will provide you with a number that you can forward your lines to and you can leave the rest up to us.

It may be unclear as to what plan you should choose when you first sign up.  Therefore, we do not lock you into any of our plans.  We provide you with flexibility to change to a lower or higher plan at any given time in order for you to secure the best option for your business based on your specific call volume.

You are not obligated to a long-term contract with Dynamic.  You are free to cancel your services with a notice of thirty days.  Even without a long-term contract, you will form an irreplaceable bond with us due to our affordable price and impeccable level of service.


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